Some details of local services that help us to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

Local Shops

 Use the market which operates on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for fresh fruit and vegetables.

There is also a cheese van which has a range of local and continental cheeses all without any plastic packaging! 

Every Friday there is a stall selling local vegetables from a smallholding at Hallam. All locally grown and no packaging!

 A.L.G Bakery London Road car park, Newark. Family run bakery providing freshly baked bread and cakes daily.

 Grain, 1-3 Castlegate, Newark. Tel 01636701877 .  Refills of household cleaners, such as washing up liquid, floor cleaner, shampoo and conditioner, hand wash etc. You can take your own containers or buy pre-filled glass ones which you can then use for future filling. Opening hours 10-4 Tues to Sat.

Kirkgate Health Store 42 Kirkgate Newark. Sells whole foods, veggie and vegan foods, ecover products and natural cosmetics plus wide range of vitamins, supplements etc.

The Little Hair Studio, 68 Albert Street, Newark. Quote from their website ‘We recycle 95% of our waste’.

There are many charity shops in Newark for recycling clothes, shoes and other useful items.

Books CDs, and music manuscripts can be recycled at Bookwise, Queens Court and at Oxfam, Carter Gate.

Supermarkets are beginning to offer more facilities for recycling. In Newark Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Co-op will recycle mixed plastics and batteries. 

Newark Eco Refill 54 Carter Gate. Refills of food - breakfast cereals, pasta, grains, pulses, nuts, snacks, herbs & spices, dried fruit, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Herbs and Spices, Coffee.

 Also Refills for Fabric Conditioner, Laundry Liquid, Washing Up Liquid, Hand Soap, Shampoo, Shower Gel

Nearby Farm Shops

Maxeys, Hockerton Road, Kirklington, Newark, NG22 8PB

Hardys, Corner Farm, Hawton Lane, Farndon, Newark, NG24 3SD

Hill Farm, Edingley, Newark, NG23 5JD

(Only open at the weekend)

The Real Milk Co. New Holbeck Farm, Radley Road NG22 8AT

Donating Furniture and other household items

The Furniture Project is a voluntary organisation that accepts donations of unwanted furniture and good quality reusable household items, cleans and renovates where necessary and passes them onto families and individuals in times of need.

Furniture Project, Forest Road, New Ollerton, Newark  tel 01623 836410

The British Heart Foundation needs unwanted such as clothing, toys books furniture, electrical and home wares and much more for their shops. Donations can be dropped off at the shop or for larger items there is a free collection service. The Newark local shop is at: 7 St Marks Shopping Centre, NG24 1XT, Tel 01636 676563

Newark Household recycling centre Brunel Drive.

Below is a list of the things that can be recycled at the centre in Newark. Recently, as a trial, tetrapaks and aluminium foil and trays are also being recycled at the centre:

Glass                                                Chipboard

Plastic bottles                                 Wood

Textiles                                             Electric items

Cans                                                 Garden Waste

Engine oil                                         Scrap metal

Car batteries                                   Plasterboard

Household batteries                      Paint                              (and more)

The Green Southwell group has a useful recycling directory:



“” claim that 40% of all food grown is wasted; they deliver a box of otherwise rejected fruit and/or vegetables each week or fortnight between 7pm and 7am on Saturday night (thus minimising transport impact). The collapsed box is collected for recycling when the next delivery happens. If you quote a friend already in the scheme you both get a discount on the first order. 'Everything we’ve had so far has been in good condition.  You do need somewhere for the box to be left till morning'.


“” delivers by post dishwasher tablets at 30-day intervals in a recyclable box which comes through the letter box.  They can also supply laundry globules as well as other cleaning products but they come as a package. They deal directly with the customer (not with shops) and their only apparent advertising is their packaging. The tablets are very efficient.